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05 Jun 09 Eli Young on the Tonight Show

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I usually tune in to late night talk shows for the humor, and turn the set off when the singers come on. Why? Because the acts normally lack talent, substance, stage presence, and anything else I normally look for in a band. I often wonder how these bands get bookings on national television.

So I was pleasantly surprised last night when I turned on the Tonight Show, just in time to catch the Eli Young Band perform “When It Rains,” one of their big hits. This is the Denton-based quartet’s second national late show appearance in the past month. The first week of April, they sang “Always the Love Songs” on Jimmy Kimmel’s program.

The Eli Young Band is quickly staking its place as one of the young guns of Texas music. The guys are outstanding ambassadors for the state and the talent it produces.

So now they have appeared with Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno. Could Letterman be next? Stay tuned!

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