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23 May 09 “Deep” in the Heart of Texas

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This past weekend, we returned to Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse ( in Dallas expecting to listen to some talented performers do their stuff. And with depth beyond his years, Chris Rosser, a singer-songwriter from North Carolina, took us on an international tour of musical splendor.

One could try to classify Chris’ repertoire to folk music, but that would be placing a jewelry store in a gift box. His music cuts across boundaries paving new roads across the musical landscape and creating cross-culture genres like “Indo-billy”, “Turko-billy” and “world music fusion” by blending jazz, swing, gospel, folk, Indonesian, coffeehouse acoustic, and Turkish styles.

A gifted lyricist, vocalist and instrumentalist, his vocals are reminiscent of James Taylor and his piano tends toward Keith Jarrett and George Winston. Songs carry us through the hills and valleys of life. Melodies caress us with the warmth of an early summer breeze and glide us gently down as leaves upon flower covered fields. Lyrics paint the view from the windows of the soul. His vocal range is a playing field for the arsenal of musical instruments he commands (dotar, guitar, Turkish “banjo”, piano, just to name a few).

Growing up in North Carolina and hearing all of the family tales, he felt as if he had actually lived in Atlanta, TX. In “Deeper Than My Name”, Chris recounts some of the stories about his grandmother while she was still with the family in Atlanta. In “Atlanta”, Chris shares with us his journey to her funeral and his return to the tap root of his family tree. Her interment unearthed family history recounted in the song.

In his concert and in the CD entitled “The Holy Fool”, Chris’ messages transcend religious barriers, helping us realize the unity and commonality we share. We laughed, got choked up and met a man who admits, “I don’t have all the answers”. Even so, he has a perspective that many need to hear.

Chris dedicates himself to family and music as owner and operator of Hollow Reed Arts (, a recording studio in Asheville, NC named after the “hollow reed” prayer of the Baha’i faith. He travels in the U.S. and abroad doing what he can to establish a spiritual connection with audiences through his music. He is a graduate of the University of Miami and has a double major- sound engineering and piano.

Best of luck, Chris!

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