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07 Jun 09 Amazing Musician Fighting Through Broken Hip

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harold1I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of great people during the short time that I have been actively involved in the music industry. One of the most amazing men I have ever met is Harold Hudson. And right now, Harold needs our prayers.

I don’t know exactly how old Harold is, but I do know he is on the north side of 70. He is quiet, reserved, and plays some of the most emotionally mellow saxophone sounds anyone could ever hear.

I met Harold last year. He is the father of Randy Tredway of Tredway and Friends in Waxahachie. We were shooting a video piece on Randy and his internet radio show. Harold was there, watching us. He was quiet and patient as we moved around the room. He did say one thing. When my partner dropped a light, he issued a colorful word. Harold looked at him and said, “Nix the language, Sonny.”

After the taping, Randy led everyone in a jam session. That’s when Harold went to work. I could not believe that same man was playing sax the way he did. It was simply amazing. Since then, I have seen Harold many times. The most recent was during the Ennis Bluebonnet Festival. He sat in the shade of the stage, playing along with several acts for three solid hours. As I said, he was amazing.

Earlier this week, Harold was at his home in Denison, cutting grass, when he fell and broke his hip. He underwent surgery yesterday and will soon be moved to the Reba Mcentire Rehab Center. How ironic is it that he will rehab in a facility that exists because of the generous acts of a fellow musician.

Randy tells me that throughout the entire ordeal, Harold has maintained his good spirits and positive attitude. It is a lesson we can all learn from. Here is to Harold’s swift recuperation. May he be playing the saxophone again soon!

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Reader's Comments

  1. |

    thanks for teh comments on Harold – i can report that he is doing well in spite of all this and he awaits his return to Tredway & Friends

  2. |

    Lots of prayers for Harold coming from Houston. I don’t know a sweeter, more genuine man on the planet….and I sure hope I’m still playing music in my 90’s like he is.

  3. |

    While many folks his age are just “sitting around”, Harold was doing real work – still living at his home – taking care of his place. He got hurt jump starting his mower!!

    It has been a pleasure to share Harold’s wonderful musical gift.

    I know he has many more gigs in his future – I look forward to enjoying those magical musical moments.

    Speedy recovery to you Harold- God bless you and all your family.

  4. |

    Harold Hudson is a very special man who
    loves and cares for all he knows and even
    for those he does not. This world is truly blessed by his example of friendship and strength beyond that of most men.
    When you look in his eyes, you can see the
    many years of trials and tribulations but for the most part, you can see into his heart.
    I can’t say I’ve met a nicer human than
    my good friend Harold.
    Thank you for being there.
    I love ya.

    Allen Hurt

  5. |

    The joy of Harold’s music shines through in his face and the faces of his listeners. I have watched over the last several years as audiences are amazed by his talent, his spirit and his stamina. Harold is truly an amazing, spirit-filled man whose talent and gentle smile have touched many and warmed hearts.

    Thanks, Harold and may God speed your recovery so that you can play some more!

    Much Love and Prayers!

  6. |

    What a true gentleman Mr Harold is. It is always a pleasure to hear him play sax and piano.

    We wish you a speedy recovery!!! God Bless You…Jimmie

  7. |

    I had heard Harold play sax many times, but was floored when I heard him sing and play piano a few months ago at Dunn Bros. What a great voice! I hope mine holds up that long. You’re an inspiration to us, Harold. God speed your recovery.

  8. |

    If you’ve met him…you love him. Harold, you are amazing.

    We can’t wait to have your infectious smile and sweet tenor sax chops back into the fold with us!

    Wishing you well.

  9. |


    The last time I cut my own grass I fell off a retaining wall still holding the mower trying to keep it from coming down on top of me. I succeed in avoiding being chopped up but I did break two ribs. It then dawned on me that maybe the Great Is was telling me that I should not take away the work from those who specialize in cutting grass. I’ve hired it done ever since.

    Ronda and I are saying a special prayer for you to recover quickly so you can resume the great work that you do. Hire a yard guy. Anyone can cut the grass. It takes a special person to play the Saxophone.

  10. |

    Best wishes and our prayers to you Harold. To hear you play the sax has been one of the greatest pleasures.

    In the photo I took above, Harold was playing Misty in the shade of a storefront in Ennis, Texas earlier this year. It was a hauntingly beautiful sound in the midst of all the hubbub of the festival around him. Hopefully, Harold will be back on his feet shortly and back to playing for many more decades.

  11. |

    All our prayers and good wishes go to Harold as his rehab begins. He is an inspiration to all that know him, always there with his hand outstretched to grasp yours in friendship. Always ready to jam on any tune. He is part of what is best in Tredway and Friends, I am proud to be part of the show and have Harold for my friend.

  12. |

    Harold is a father and mentor to all of us. There has never been a sweeter spirit than his. He has always treated me like a daughter and I am so fortunate that he will be my father in law soon. I look forward to having him back on the sax soon because he makes us all sound better. Love you Harold!

  13. |

    Harold, I was sad to hear about your accident..You will be in our prayers.Hope you have a speedy rehab. We love you.

  14. |

    Heln & I went to see Harodl today and he is doing great under the circumstances – great attitude and outlook – we will find out soon if he can go to Reba’s.

    More later!

  15. |

    Harold is my Uncle and has sat in an played with me on several occasions. Since I was a small child he has always met me with love and warmth and always has an open ear for whatever I had wished to talk about. I know his faith if very strong and I’m proud that he has maintained an active lifestyle since the loss of his wife and not just buried himself in the pity that many do.
    I love you Uncle Harold and I hope you have a speedy recovery. I can speak on behalf of the entire DeMoss family in wishing you the best and sending our warmest love and wishes to you during this time.
    Much love,

  16. |


    I just spoke to LA (his brother) and he let me know about the move and the new info.

    Here is the latest contact info:

    TMC Reba McEntire Center for Rehabilitation
    1200 Reba McEntire Lane
    Denison, Texas 75020
    (903) 416-1000

    Harold is in Room 103 – his direct phone number is 903-416-1103

    To get into the Reba Center you have to be able to and willing to do at least 3 hours of intense PT per day. I am excited for Harold and I know we all pray for his quick and thorough recovery .