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16 Oct 12 Kingwood Kowboy Completes 6,600 Song Lyrics

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Kingwood, TX October 8, 2012

Kingwood Kowboy Completes 6,600 Song Lyrics

Larry W Jones, the Kingwood Kowboy, has completed writing his 6,600th set of song lyrics. H

is publicist, Rich Reardin at (Public Radio Exchange) is the Executive Producer of the radio series “In Search of a Song with Jason Wilber”. Mr. Reardin chose to host two one-hour radio programs of various artists with their recordings of the Kingwood Kowboy’s song lyrics. The third one-hour radio program is currently in progress at this writing.

Kingwood Kowboy’s Country Songs Part 1

Kingwood Kowboy’s Country Songs Part 2

The Kingwood Kowboy is a prolific lyrics writer who focuses his talents on classic and vintage style Country, Cowboy and Western songs. He says he wants to preserve the “roots” of real country music, and the way to do that is to adhere to the simplicity and structure of the old style of songwriting made popular in the mid 1900s by such notable lyricists as Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose and Hank Williams.

Many of his lyrics have been recorded by professional artists such as Chicago’s Marc Blackwell (Forgotten Down That Lost Highway and Midnight Zephyr), Nashville artists Emo Leblanc and Mike Bryant (Walkin’ In Hank Williams Shoes, Lady of Laredo, Eighty Miles From San Antone), Lloyd Morris (Lonesome Buckaroo) and others.

The Kingwood Kowboy is currently working to complete his nineteenth volume of published song lyrics. As a member of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.), all his lyric titles are registered and all song lyrics are copyrighted at . Larry W Jones is also a voting member of H.A.R.A. (Hawai’i Academy of Recording

Arts), being the author of the world’s largest collection of old style “Hapa Haole” song lyrics. His “Island Song Lyrics” consists of 4,000 sets, published in eight volumes of 500 song lyrics each. “Real Country Lyrics” is a work in progress, currently at ten published volumes of 250 each.

Two complete CDs of cowboy and western songs by Jerry Collins, Henderson Nevada based artist, titled “High Wagon Road” and “Adios Goodbye” showcase the Kingwood Kowboy’s western influences.

High Wagon Road

Adios Goodbye

About Larry W Jones, Kingwood Kowboy

The Kingwood Kowboy is a member of B.M.I. (Broadcast Music Inc), H.A.R.A. (Hawai’i Academy of Recording Arts), C.S.W.M. (Cowtown Society of Western Music), W.M.A. (Western Music Association), S.H.O.F. (Songwriters Hall of Fame), (Public Radio Exchange).

About the Kingwood Kowboy’s published works

Larry W Jones, the Kingwood Kowboy, has published eighteen volumes of song lyrics. All may be viewed and accessed at his website Kingwood Kowboy Website

Contact information

Phone 720-998-4492


Real Country Lyrics

Island Song Lyrics

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    The correct number of song lyrics written is 6,600 (numbers in title and first paragraph are in error).

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