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07 Jun 10 Texas Music a Big Hit for Dallas Band

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By Tamara Loggins Southern country-rock band, Somebody’s Darling, has begun to make a big splash in the Texas music scene. A mish-mash of four supremely talented members, the band plays an amalgamation of folk, country and rock. Band members, Amber Farris, David Ponder, Nate Wedan and Michael Talley talk about how the group came together and their debut album. How did the band get started? Amber: Well Nate and I have known each other from high school. We’ve always wanted to play together, we started playing together and then we kind of went our separate ways. And then I was in a band with Dave and we met up started writing songs, and I called Nate up and told him, “Let’s play,” and then I called Mike and we were like, “Bam.” Literally, overnight we were a band. People kind of liked us. Nate: It caught on quick. David: That was two and half years ago. How would you explain your genre of music? David: Americana-soul-rock. How long have you all known each other? Nate: I’ve known Mike for a while. We’ve played in a band before this. We’ve known each other three or four years. I’ve known [Amber] since I was fourteen. I’ve known Dave for a couple of years. David: I’ve known Amber from when we went to [University of North Texas]. And then we were in a band before this called Raw Leaves. You guys recently won the Shiner Rising Star Award. Can you tell me a little about that? Amber: We felt like we were apart of that music scene, country-rock. We always listened to that station, [95.3 The Range] and wanted to try it out. We thought it would be kind of fun, and a good way to meet some new people. We ended up winning the whole thing. We had been together less than a year when we joined it. It was cool. Nate: They sent us up to Nashville and we cut our debut album up there. It was great. Amber: We’re going on tour with Stoney LaRue. We just played The Texas Music Revolution [concert], and we’re playing with Hays Carl, Ray Wiley Hubbard, and a lot of big bands. A lot of good things came out of that competition. It was definitely more than just a battle of the bands; it was a big start for our career. What was the contest like? It was a twenty-four band battle of the bands. So they did it in two or three different rounds. Amber: Over two hundred different bands entered and they narrowed it down to twenty-four. And they kept narrowing it down week by week with different judges. It’s not like a who can clap the loudest [competition]. There are actual musicians out there judging you. Nate: Yeah. It was fun. Was it a mix of genres? Amber: We were probably the biggest outside genre. We were more rock than everybody else, more folksy-pop-rock. Everything else was pretty much country. That’s why when we won, we were kind of surprised. We were like “There’s no way. We’re not in their range. This isn’t going to work,” and when we won we were like “O.K.” So, it was cool. It worked out for us in the end. It was your big break? Dave: Hopefully, one of them. Amber: Hopefully, we have a bigger break than that, but it was definitely the beginning of a big break. Nate: It definitely jump started us. It helped us out a lot. Like he said, hopefully, there are more [big breaks]. Michael: It gave us the opportunity to work our asses off more. Dave: And it gave us a really good quality album. I don’t know that we could have afforded that kind of album. So tell me about the album. Amber: We got to go to Nashville, and Dan Baird from Georgia Satellites produced it. We literally went to the studio, went to bed, woke up, and went back to the studio for about eight days straight. We were a new band; we didn’t have that many songs. Usually you want to go in to the studio with twenty plus songs. When we went in we had, like, five, and then we created fifteen more. Dave: Within, like, a month. Amber: And we were kind of just all thrown into it. They were like, “Go record in Nashville with this big producer,” and we were like “O.K.” Dave: We were like, “You want us to go [to Nashville] a month? Really?” Amber: We kind of didn’t know what we were doing, but we acted like we did. That works sometimes. When you pretend like you know what’s going on in the world, you tend to swing by things. Nate: Nashville was great. I got to use King Coover’s, who was the drummer for Wilco, snare drums and stuff. It was just a great big room. The

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Dixie Chicks got to cut their first two albums in there, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s been in there. The room has been around since the ‘50s and it had a great vibe. Dan Baird just dialed in to who we are as musicians, and just captured our sound pretty well. Who writes your songs? Amber: We all write together. Initially I’ll come up with an idea with my acoustic and my vocals and then me and Dave will make it something more. And then we’ll take it to the band and we all create a song out of that small idea. It’s a band effort. No one person completes it. What is your most popular song? Michael: It just depends on the crowd. Who’s heard what. Out and about they like “Another Two Step.” Amber: We have some songs that have been on the radio, like, “Horses,” “Been better,” “Another Two Step,” and one of my personal favorites “Cold Hearted Lover.” We’ve been getting a lot of good responses from that. It’s kind of rock and roll. What radio stations play your music? Nate: A lot. There’s the Satellite, Outlaw Country. 95.3 The Range. Amber: Yeah, [Outlaw Country] is the big one. Dave: There’s like twenty stations. Amber: Our promoter is trying to get us on as many radio stations as she can, and then we’ll go from there. Hopefully people will like it and they’ll call and request it. Dave: Then we’ll tour there. What do you recommend for someone who’s starting their own band? Nate: Gig, gig, gig. Michael: And keep writing. Dave: Write and play as much as you can. Amber: We literally played once and then went out and played a gig. That’s how you get better. Nate: Our first three shows were back to back. Amber: Just do it. You have nothing to loose. Don’t wait for something to happen. You have to make something happen. Nate: You’re not going to get rich quick. Just play and love it. Have fun. Michael: And don’t quit your day job, or get used to semi-poverty. What do you hope people get from your music? Amber: My main thing is I like to see people have a good time. We write and play really passionately, and I want people to see that we really like what we do and what we write. And we take a lot of heart into the band. I think that’s been a big part of our success is that people can see it in our faces that we really care about this and it’s what we want to do. Where can people find out more about your band? Nate: Go to We also have Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. People can buy your album from your website. Michael: And we’re on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and Amazon. Amber: Or call and request on 95.3 the Range. That’s a fun way you can listen to us too. Do you guys play private events? Amber: Yes. Nate: Those pay pretty good [laughter]. Amber: I’m going to start doing weddings pretty soon [laughter]. Nate: I do mitzvahs, both bar and bod. Just letting you know [laughter]. Amber: If people ask us to play, we’ll play, as long as it’s a good crowd. We’ll pretty much do anything.

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    This is a Fun Band to See.
    They make everyone feel right at home with them.

    Amber’s hair has way of going wild when she sings, and that girl sings with all her soul.

    The songs come from somewhere deep down inside.

    I am glad to learn how it all started for them and will eagerly follow where their songs will be taking them.

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