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05 May 10 Fair to Midland Building a Strong Fan Base

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By Bianca Montes

Stepping away from the interchangeable sounds that are available in the market today, Sulfur Springs natives Fair to Midland left fans impressed and shocked following their performance at Trees in Dallas April 23.

In the past 12 months, I have reviewed a lot of bands that have passed through Dallas and listened to new release after new release. Sadly, a lot of what I have heard has blended together. Unique musicians have been few and far between.

“The rock scene is kind of suffering,” keyboardist Matt Langley of Fair to Midland said. “The cookie cutter thing has really narrowed the field down to a pitiful degree as far as what kind of different things you’re liable to hear out there.”

I have said it before how important a live show is for a band when it comes to separating the good from the great. If you are not giving it your all on that stage, it is more than obvious to a fan that your dedication is lacking.

Fair to Midland

“When you do this for a few years, and most things don’t come through and you’re still doing it, you know you must be doing it because you love doing it,” said Langley. “I don’t know what all goes into the dynamics of why you do great in one city and not in another. Dallas is always good to us.”

Halfway through the first song, lead singer Darroh Sudderth was flooded in water and bleeding heavily from the face, yet still managed to emanate more energy and passion than any singer I have seen in my life. The raw talent and love for music of Fair to Midland is visually beautiful, but it is their individual styling that is delicately brutal to your ears.

The band performed crowd-favorites such as “Dance of the Manatee,” “Walls of Jerico” and barbarous “Rikki Tikki Tavi” to a packed house of fans who danced, drank and sang for the entire set and then cried for an encore. Dallas definitely loves Fair to Midland.

Gently stirring the crowd with the unreleased “Loopholes in Limbo,” the crowd openly accepted the neo-psychedelic blend of dark-pop layered with Sludderth’s, operatic-like vocals. This song is a refreshing and beautiful addition to Fair to Midland’s impressive lineup.

This May, Fair to Midland is set to tour with Texas sensation Flyleaf on the Unite & Fight tour. For more information on tour dates go to

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