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29 Jan 10 Eisley Gives a Taste of Things to Come

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By Bianca Montes

Their fall tour is over. But Tyler TX native rock-band Eisley continues to leave fans in anticipation for their soon-to-be released album, thanks to the tour-exclusive EP Fire Kite.

“We’re definitely Southerners,” rhythm guitarist Sherri DuPree said. “We grew up listening to country music.”

Small city roots and an eclectic taste of music set the foundation for the unique styling of Eisley, whose last studio album, Combinations, was declared one of the best albums of the year by MSNBC.

Following the success of Combinations, The Fire Kite EP performs a solid offering of catchy and upbeat tracks, including “Away We Go,” a garage band track that was recorded several years ago.

“Ambulance,” a song written about the divorce of Sherri Dupree and Chad Gilbert of American rock band New Found Glory, touches on the subject from little sister and band-mate, Stacy DuPree.

“She was able to see through my eyes, the pain I was going through,” Sherri said, “and she wrote this amazing song… I can barely listen to it without crying.”

Instrumentally, “Ambulance” is a stripped-down showcase of Eisley’s sound and talent. With a melancholy piano piece and strings that give way to an increased volume during the chorus, “Ambulance” takes the listener on an emotional journey of pain, regret and the need for healing.

For a taste of the band’s upcoming album, “192 Days” creates a coffee house acoustic feel. The simplicity of the instruments and lyrics tell a complex story of love, and how it provides comfort and protection. “192 Days” is a delightful track and does an amazing job completing the Fire Kite EP.

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