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29 Jun 10 One Seed Delivers Heavy Metal to Texas Music

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By Tamara Loggins

Resident Dallas heavy metal band, One Seed, takes charge with their second  CD, Isolation. They infuse pounding guitar riffs, low toned bass sounds, semi-melodic lyrics and hand-banging, thrashing screams to create a series of tracks that will leave you wanting to jump into a mosh pit.

Jeremy Ewing, the band’s lyricist and singer, develops authoritative lyrics dealing in “drug addiction, domestic violence and religious propaganda.” Heavy metal rockers will be pleasantly surprised to hear this band, with a sound reminiscent of past heavy-hitters, such as the Deftones, Evans Blue and Godsmack.

The band shows that heavy metal belongs in the Texas music conversation. One Seed is currently working on their next album, “Just Breathe” set to be released in October. One Seed will be performing  July 3 at Dead Dog Barn.

For more information about the band and their upcoming shows visit

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