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28 Oct 09 Jesus Team A, Jesus te ama!

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One of several musical highlights of the recent University of Dallas Ministry Conference held October 23-24, 2009 was Jesus Team A (JTA), a band with soul and talent to spare.

The name “Jesus Team A” is a play on words: “Jesús te ama” means “Jesus loves you”. But to tell you the truth, I think the feeling is mutual. Just like its names, JTA’s music displays a kaleidoscope of influences ranging from Rock, Soul, R&B, Latino, Jazz, and more. I’d be pulling your chain if I told you that I could actually pick them all out, but I’d be downright lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy their show.

JTA’s music dares to be different while at the same time universal. Its rainbow of melodic variations, chord progressions and syncopation is complemented by relevant original lyrics that tell you something, something you’ve always known, something you’d long forgotten, something you’ve yet to learn.

JTA is headed up by Vince Lujan of the Vince Lujan Project (VLP), and various of the members of JTA are also members of the VLP. While both bands have a crossover of influences and musical styles, each retains its own identity. Vince’s songwriting and guitar playing skills match his vocal presentation and make for a memorable performance.

JTA has released a CD album entitled, “In the Hands of My Father”, and the VLP has released a CD album entitled, “Echo Lab Revisited”. Needless to say, I purchased both of them and will be reviewing them in the future.

To find out more about JTA, check out their websites at:…/101011205129

To find out more about the VLP, check out their websites at:

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