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30 Nov 10 We Should Help Willie

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By Sam Moore

Willie Nelson has been arrested for possession of marijuana. I know that comes as a shock to – well, to very few people, actually. It seems to me that, as fans of the king of Texas music, we should be able to do something to help.

Help Willie Hide His Weed

Don’t get me wrong. I do not support the use of marijuana, in almost every instance. Willie could be the one exception. Willie smoking pot just seems so cute. In fact, in a recent Christmas special starring comedian Stephen Colbert, Willie appeared as the lesser known fourth wise man. Guess what gift herb he was bearing!

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So here is what I propose: let’s help Willie Nelson. My plan is simple. Just come up with your ideas to answer the following question: Where Should Willie Hide His Weed?

Be creative. Send us your thoughts, your ideas, even your own successful hiding places. Then, in an act that I consider to be a step forward for the history of Texas music, I will forward the suggestions to Willie himself. We can consider it our own little step to preserve a Texas music institution.

To be honest, Willie has not asked for our help. But I am sure he will appreciate it. It’s better to give than to receive. What better gift to give this Holiday Season!

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    Not sure where he should hide it. I never carry more than I can eat at one time.

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    He should hire someone to drive wherever he is going and carry the weed for him. They always pull over his bus and search his bus, if he had some random person driving to meet him at his destination, they won’t suspect the random person driving by. The person should be dressed as a business man and have a story that is well rehearsed about driving to a place that is not the same town Willie is headed. The person should probably drive a rental car to avoid any issues. Now as for where to hide the weed within the car, I’m sure they can get creative with that.

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    I think he needs to be responsible for his own actions. He is an adult, knows pot is illegal in Texas and just thumbs his nose at us as a “privileged” goof. I like his music but think HE needs to take it like a man and accept the consequences of his actions. I Do own a lot of his CD’s and that is about all I will do to support him.

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    In his underware as long as he does not fly!

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