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22 Jun 11 Star Is Rising for TJ Broscoff

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TJ Broscoff

By Sam Moore It’s one of my favorite new CD’s. It pictures a young boy in a wagon, with parts of a cardboard box used to make wings. The boy is wearing goggle-like sunglasses and an oversized hat. The title of TJ Broscoff’s collection of songs is “Ready to Fly.” It’s also an accurate description of his musical career. For the past two years, Broscoff has seen his popularity growing steadily in Texas, as well as in neighboring states. He and his three-piece band thoroughly enjoy being on the

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road. “There are so many great things about what we do,” he said. “Music is therapy, and people enjoy hearing it. Getting out on the road is a real plus. You get to share something you are so passionate about. Then people send me messages, saying my songs mean a lot to them. That means a lot to me.” Broscoff’s current run of success began with the release of his first single, “Jamie’s Heart.” It is a very visual song of lost love. Not only does it have a lyrical hook, but a musical hook, as well. It was on the

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charts so long, the performer lost count. “Pushing this CD has introduced me to the Texas scene the past two years,” he commented. “The reception has been incredible. People are understanding what the song is about and what the band is about. It is all about the quality of the music.” Broscoff rx online pharmacy writes his own songs. It’s not surprising, considering he says music has always been in his blood. He began by banging on cardboard boxes as a young child. His was not a huge musical family, other than his uncle, who was a bit of a musician. “I have had so many musical influences throughout the years,” he said. “But it was not one person. Any artist, regardless of genre, is able to tough me with music.” Even so, when pressed, Broscoff admits artists such as Townes Van Zandt touched him as he grew up. So far, Broscoff has remained close to his Texas roots. He was born in Irving, and moved to Gun Barrel City a few years ago. He gets inspiration from fishing on the lake. It also helps him slow down when things start going too quickly. One of the great things about Texas is the music. “The whole magic with Texas… You talk about some of the old guys, they are just writing about their lives. That is what makes it connect with people. Not knocking Nashville, but it misses the intimacy that Texas music has. And it doesn’t have to be just country. Somehow we were blessed with this big melting pot down here.” “Jamie’s Heart” took off for Broscoff and his partners. He said they received massive publicity down south, especially in Corpus Christi. Their second single release is “Pillow,” coming out last week. It was the highest release on the chart. The two songs are pharmacy jobs in calgary canada similar in that they look at lost love, and remembering people from a broken relationship. “We are living one single at a time,” the performer stated. “There are still other songs from the CD I would like to get out. The neat thing is, you could throw a dart at it and release whatever song it hits. I have that much confidence in them.” What’s next? Broscoff believes that by the time a third song is released, the three band members will be back in the studio, viagra aphrodisiac working on their next CD. They have been working on new songs while they are on the road. And he is excited about what he has been writing over the past year. For now, TJ Broscoff continues his tour of summer series through Texas and bordering states. He enjoys visiting individually with as many fans as possible. That is one thing that won’t change. “A little further along, I want to continue performing great music, connecting with new fans and great people.” For more cost of viagra prescription information, visit

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