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28 Dec 09 Pat Green Looks to the Future

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I was watching KXAS-TV, the NBC affiliate in Dallas, last night, when an interesting story came on about Pat Green. Anchor-reporter Meredith Land interviewed the Fort Worth native, asking what he expects to happen during the next ten years.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing music,” Green said. “I’ll just slow down to a slow crawl.”

Green has had 15 songs hit the top country charts during his career. He has also had several Grammy nominations. He believes the next decade will present a challenge for record labels, as they shift from selling full albums to selling individual songs.

“I think the recording industry is going to see a change, the same way it changed when it went from tapes and cassettes to CD’s, and from records to tapes,” he said.Pat Green

Green is not a big fan of the current country music scene. He is hopeful that north Texas will produce a talent base that shifts country music, perhaps away from the current pop country.

“I guess it’s a cycle,” he commented. “Music goes through these times where it’s really plastic and not fun to listen to. Everything sounds like a commercial for something that’s really cool. Then it goes back to being organic and something that’s more heart felt.”

Green sees the Dallas metroplex catching up as far as having more good places to hear music. But he hopes Dallas does not become the next Nashville. As for his suggestion for the next ten years?

“I guess my advice for anyone looking forward to 2020 is to take more pictures, between here and there, so you can at least have some memories of it.”

And who does he see as the act with the biggest potential for the next ten years? No surprise here, the Eli Young Band.

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