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10 Feb 12 Josh Grider – Live at Billy Bob’s

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Checking out the website for Josh Grider, you find that he loves writing songs and he loves playing for people. This was evident as he was tapped the first winner of the Live at Billy Bob’s Texas Recording Contest. He beat out 41 other contestants. Given the quality of the talent participating in the event, one can appreciate that this was no small feat.

Grider wrote all of the songs on this Live at Billy Bob’s album which from first track to last is quite a treat. The opening track, South of the Border, opens the album with a rhythm that pulls you in quickly, particularly with the brief rest in the refrain that has you hanging on for the next note. From there, the album just gets better with mixtures of styles, rhythms and tonalities.

Slow again uses great rhythms, balladic lyrics, and Grider’s melodic delivery that treats the listener to some real Texas ear candy. Stumbling on the Edge of Greatness has a much more complex lyrical pattern that borders on almost too busy, but when the song hits the refrain, Grider pulls the song together with his vocal craft and rhythmic variations. Overall the song comes together in the end; but it’s complexities may be a bit much for some listeners.

War with Myself opens and ends with amazing a cappella harmonies. It also features accomplished acoustic work in the instrumental solos. The lyrics are telling in that if “you are war with yourself, you’re bound to lose”. True words.

Meet in the Middle features the vocals of Josh and Kristi Grider. Her mountain timbre contrasts well with his melodic voicing. This is one of the top three tracks on the album.

City of Crosses brings us a different variation on Grider’s musical delivery. With droning violin and dark percussion in the background, Grider tells a darker story of having left the City of Crosses and yearning to go back, where he hopes redemption will be waiting for him – the lyrics are deep with the music creating a sombre, almost yearning, scene.

Josh Grider defines the characteristics of the country sound in Texas. In fact, by the end of the first track, you realize that you are listening to one of the future stars in Texas music.

For further information about Josh Grider, visit his website at or check out Grider and the other great musicians at Smith Entertainment’s website, For more details on the album, or Grider, contact Dawn Gardin at

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