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15 Mar 11 Hudson Moore Returns to Play Aardvark

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By the time he moved to the musically rich city of Austin to study radio, television and film at the University of Texas, 20-year-old Fort Worth songwriter Hudson Moore felt a growing surety that his future may well lie beyond working behind the scenes.

 “I knew if I went to UT, I could have the chance to do music,” he says, By the time he had finished his sophomore year, “I finally told myself, Let’s do it.” He went into Austin’s Cedar Creek Recording and cut in a quick four days the bulk of FIREWORKS, his debut album.

He followed the sessions by gathering together a five-piece backing band and immediately landed gigs at such top Austin clubs as Antone’s and Momo’s that sparked an immediate buzz with the college crowd. Plus he caught the ear of the local music industry and landed career guidance from Loophole Management, whose clients include GRAMMY Award-winning million-sellers Los Lonely Boys and heralded newcomer Sahara Smith.

It started, of course, when he was young.

“I’ve always loved music,” says the handsome and thoughtful Moore, who took the natural inheritance from parents with a passion for music and has run with it. “My dad plays guitar. He’s always been musical, always writing songs, been playing since he was a kid. He didn’t have much to do when he was young so he played a lot in his room.”

Add the old-school quality country music his father loves and his mother’s affection for 1960s soul/R&B and the best hits of the ‘70s, and the foundation for the stylistically diverse music Moore creates today becomes clear.

 “We always had guitars lying around the house. One day when I was old enough, around 10 or 11, I asked my dad to teach me a few chords,” he says.

Soon, like father-like son, Moore was in his room mastering guitar and drums (and later bass and keyboards), and then writing songs and making demos on his computer. Later, in his teens, he took his compositions into a professional studio and knew from the results that he had something viable, reinforced by how his songs started becoming hits with his friends. He then conquered his youthful shyness a

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nd took the stage at a Fort Worth music club.

The more he played and wrote, the further Moore expanded his musical palette.

“I’d go out to see everything from rock concerts to dance/electronica shows,” he says.

The alt.-rock radio of the 1990s informed his contemporary music sensibilities, and he began delving into modern and vintage blues, finding inspiration in B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He also heard kindred musical spirits in stars such as John Mayer and Dave Matthews.

All the listening and the writing resulted in a unique alt.-Texas country sound laden with rock, soul, roots and pop. At the heart of the songs he creates are a groove and a melody.

 “Rather than being a singer-songwriter and writing words and then putting chords to them, I like to intrigue people first with a melody,” he says. “And then whatever emotion it evokes is what I sing about. It’s about the mood and the beat and tempo and vibe. I just rely on my ear. I try to take from everything I hear. I write my own rules.”

There’s a spirit of positivism and potential that underlies the distinctive genre-melding musical mix and heartfelt lyrical themes. It is: “You can do what you want if you try. Just tell yourself you are going to do it,” Moore says.

With the release of his debut album, Moore has made a bold step in the direction of living out his dreams. As a child, “I used to listen to the radio and was always intrigued by the guitar. I would imagine myself playing it to huge crowds,” he says. “I didn’t know how to do it or what it would look like, but I thought it was a good deal to aspire to. I could tell from the energy and vibe of kamagra soft tab the music that playing for people was a special thing to do.”

With FIREWORKS, Moore sees his goals on the horizon.

“I’m going to play music until the day I die,” he says. “I’ll definitely be playing and creating music my whole life.” And with his band in place behind him as he makes waves as a live performer, “I’m really eager to play for everybody any chance I get. Right now I’m manifesting my dreams I used to have and planting new dreams.”

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