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15 Jul 13 Doctors Release Latest News on Randy Travis

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Randy Travis is awake and alert following surgery for a stroke last week. Doctors at Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano say that his condition has how to spy on someone phone without touching their phone stabilized. He is breathing

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with the aid of a respirator, but they hope to take him off of that soon. He has been interacting with family and friends who are visiting him bedside. Travis was originally hospitalized and being treated for a heart condition. But he suffered a stroke during the treatment, prompting the surgery. Mary Davis, Travis’ fiancée, issued the following statement: “I just want to buy essay online thank the friends, the family, the outpouring of love and affection that has shown up at the hospital

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and at home and through several different avenues of support. “I know that those are prayers that have helped mend laboratory report writing his heart along with the skilled hands of the physicians and doctors and nurses here at The Heart Hospital of Baylor in Plano. “I know that Randy feels each and every one of those. He feels the hands of the doctors and the care of the nurses and the love of his fans. His friends and family have all been touched by that. He is responding well to voices and he sees and he understands. He’s miles beyond where any of us thought he would be a few days ago. “It’s heart-warming to see that we have such a strong person under there that’s willing to fight writing an essay with us. We all know now that we had greatness to work with. We ask for your continued support. I know that Randy will be so touched by that when he understands the magnitude of it all. “So thank you and I appreciate everything everybody has done here at the hospital to give us the outcome that we’ve received. With the understanding now in retrospect that this could have occurred anywhere at anytime. We were in the finest place we could be to have the best outcome that we could ever have. Thank you.”

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