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10 Aug 09 A lot of Texas in a little bit of time

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A few weeks ago, we returned to Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse  in Dallas. With their lyrics, vocals and instrumentals, Terri Hendrix  and Lloyd Maines brought us all into their hearts.

Terri and Lloyd started off with “Bring ‘em All in to My Heart”, an upbeat song with a driving rhythm guitar beat and mandolin harmonies to boot. They drove the message straight to our hearts with this one.

Photo by Mary Keating Bruton

Photo by Mary Keating Bruton

They then hit us with “The Spiritual Kind” of music on dobro and guitar. All you people of faith, any faith, know what I’m talking about, the kind of music you stand up and sing, “I am the spiritual kind”.

I then reminisced while “Goodbye Charlie Brown” filled the air. With Lloyd on guitar and Terri dueling it out with a guitar and harmonica, I wondered what I had done with my collection of Charlie Brown books. If only I could kick that ball and hit the sky. I miss Charles Schultz.

One of my favorites, hands down, was “My Brother Throws Like a Girl”. As a guy having gone through the awkward stages of guy-hood, I laughed. As a brother of a way more athletic brother, I admitted I shared some things in common with Terri’s brother. As a father of daughters with boyfriends, I almost peed laughing at how similar some of them were to her brother. What a riot!

Terri and Lloyd then turned it all upside down with “If I had a Daughter”. Spoken and sung. Strummed and hummed. Terri made a few of us wish she had been our mom. If she can live according to those lyrics, one day Terri is going to make a fantastic mother.

Terri shared a big piece of her life in “The Ring”, a song about her growing up in San Antonio, her Dad, a soldier’s life, the cost of war, and the quiet within our families and each of us. I moved around a lot in my “growing up years” and I still have a quiet dad. I could relate. Life is a ring. Some are gold, some are old, some are new and some are used, but every ring brings a reason to sing.

For every man who has ever stopped by a diner and had a piece of cake, “Dana Blues” might make you reconsider. Dana baked cakes for every man in town, including … Well, let’s just say, some poor guy got his goose cooked when he went for the sweets instead of his sweetheart. Thank goodness I eat pie.

I guess you can say that I’m a fan now. I left Uncle Calvin’s with two CD’s and a decision to attend Terri and Lloyd’s songwriting workshop ( “Life’s a Song. Live it… Write it… Play it!” in Port Aransas, TX on November 13-15. See you there!

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