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26 Aug 09 Mudcat Prepares to Go Global

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One thing the Internet can do is to make people instant worldwide celebrities. Texas music veteran Michael “the Mudcat” Reames gets his chance for global notoriety, beginning Thursday night.

Reames will appear with his good friends Wayne, Chad and Matt as “Gator, Mudcat and All Dat” Thursday at 7:30pm on the Lesley Taylor Hare Show.  In Dallas, it can bee seen on Digital Channel 34.1.  More importantly, it can be seen on the Internet at

The program is part of one of the biggest developments in communication: the internet television station.  While it is not yet competing with commercial television, it is a step in that direction.  And it opens the spectrum of visibility to unheard of proportions for musicians and their works.

TMJ had the opportunity to attend the taping of the show yesterday afternoon. Between interviews with a mobile bartender and a man who specializes in salt-free snacks, Reames and the boys entertained with a couple of their Southern blues tunes. They also played some instrumental in and out of commercial breaks. Altogether, they earned about eight minutes of air play, plenty of time for the world to catch their act.

Reames said he is very pleased to have the opportunity to perform for this new, more mobile audience. He said times have really changed from the days when he played with his band in the ’70s in Dallas’ Deep Ellum music district.

“It was really different,” he said. “But we had a great time. And we appreciated the opportunity to promote our CD’s, as well.”

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