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22 Aug 10 Gator and Mudcat Prepare To Take On the World

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These guys are good! We may have mentioned Gator and Mudcat in the past. Mudcat is Dallas native Michael Reames, and Gator is New Orleans resident Wayne Folse. These two veteran musicians began working together as a team a few years ago. They have created a bunch of good songs, in a genre they call “Blue Rock.” It’s a little bit Texas music, a little bit Louisiana music. They call it “music for the world.” Now they are ready to introduce Blue Rock to the world.

Michael Reames

Their efforts have culminated in a new CD, Back in the Game, due for release on September 4. Texas Music Journal’s John South will review the CD in the coming days. CD release parties will be held in both Dallas and New Orleans. A national distribution will follow. But for the present, Gator and Mudcat are preparing for live entertainment. And they are starting in a big is a models dietpregnancy diet what not to eat diet for dancers


Wayne Folse

The two veterans – both are in their 50’s – will perform this week for the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations annual convention, to be held in New Orleans. They will appear on what is possibly the largest permanent stage in the Crescent City: the main theater of Harrah’s Casino. They will be backed by Crossfire. Michael and Wayne are true professionals. They have played with some of the biggest names in the industry during their individual careers. And both are dedicated to helping out others in their field. And since Hurricane Katrina, they are also dedicated to helping those in need. Proceeds from their first release, Mother Earth, will be dedicated to disaster relief. We at TMJ wish these guys well. To find out more on their music, visit

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