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04 Mar 11 Gator and Mudcat Going into the Music Room

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What do you get when you put an alligator and a catfish in room that seats 45?  Great music, of course!

Gator and Mudcat, also known as Wayne Folse and Michael Reames, will perform in Waxahachie next Saturday, March 12, In the Music Room.

The duo, who combine their North Texas and South Louisiana styles into a brand of music they call “Blue Rock,” have just released a new album. “Back in the Game” is available on iTunes and online, at

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nd bold new and old style blues, as well as a Reggae-style song called “Mother Earth,” their tribute to saving the world’s natural resources.

“In the Music Room” is a listening room, the brainchild of fellow longtime musician Randy Tredway. He converted a section of his home into a retro, Beatles-loving, instrument-displaying living museum of music. In addition to live performances, Tredway produces an internet program. Both the live and recorded formats are designed to promote the efforts of singer-songwriters. Many Texas songwriters count Tredway among their closest friends.

For more information on the venue, visit And for details on Reames and Folse, go to

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