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20 Feb 09 Friday Night at the Cadillac

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For those of you who missed last Friday’s show at Cadillac Pizza in McKinney, you missed a standing room only viewing of a hard charging, true Texas blues group, Junior and the Journeymen.  Lead by frontman Mike Clark, J&J rocked the house with their powerful interpretation of the blues.  Mike shared the duties on stage with each of band members including Johnny Marshall on keyboards, Bobby Chitwood on bass and Mike Arnold on drums. 

Calling Mike Clark a superb guitar player would be an understatement.   Whether playing on his beautiful Paul Reed Smith though PRS amps, or on a Strat, Mike painted a blues picture with his styling that demonstrated his versatility in the genre.  His vocals, as well as those of Johnny Marshall, had the crowd from the first line.  At times, Johnny’s hands and fingers were flying across the keyboard with the intensity that only comes from putting ones heart and soul into the music. 

This was matched with an inspiring bass line from Bobby Chitwood (on a matching PRS bass).  Bobby’s bass work showed that he owned the bottom parts of the scale.  When taking a bass lead, he highlighted the importance a great bass man on a team like J&J. 

Mike Arnold’s percussion work added the perfect punctuation to the team.  Whether supporting the beat for the team or performing extraordinary solo work, Mike kept the team together and added the pop that solidified that sound of Junior and the Journeymen. 

The dessert for the evening was a long set where Mike and team were joined on stage by Quinten Hope.  Having two guitarmen of this calibre on one stage made for fantastic set.  Mike and Quinten played off each other in a manner of call and response that recalled the basic formula of classic blues.  At times one took the lead, then hand over the duties to the other.  Those not at the event missed an incredible display of musicianship.

To see more about Junior and the Journeymen and to listen to a sample of their music, go to their Myspace page,  J&J will be playing next at the Hole in the Wall Dallas at 8:30 PM on February 28th. (

To see more about Quinten Hope, check out his Myspace page,  Quinten will be playing at Cadillac Pizza, 112 South Kentucky in McKinney at 8:00 PM, February 20th.   He will also be playing at Sambuca, 2120 McKinney Avenue, Dallas at 8:00 on February 27th.

I would recommend that anyone interested in music should stop by the Cadillac for great food, good friends and some of the best music and musicians in the metroplex area.  But come early.  We found that people who know about Cadillac Pizza stake out their places early.

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