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23 Apr 09 Album Review – Blues Rockers: For Adults Only

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blue-rockers-for-adults-onlyThis album has been out for a while, but it is notable from several aspects – production value, the songwriting, and the performance. The versatility of the singer/songwriters comprising the Blues Rockers is evident in the diversity of compositions presented. From the heavy rock aspects of “Democracy” and “Window Pain” to the exquisitely heart-wrenching story in “Appletown” to the bluesy “Dreaming” and “Coins and Lace”, the musicians illustrate how flexible they can be at developing and performing their work.

The album is superbly produced. It’s obvious that attention was given to each track to get the exact sound that they were looking for. The mix is bang on; which had to be particularly difficult given the different styles adopted by each song.

One of the verses of “Coins and Lace” highlights the bluesy nature of the song and the skill of the songwriter to weave a tapestry of loneliness and despair:

They say that time heals all wounds
But time can’t erase
The emptiness I fell inside
Or the loneliness I face.
Why can’t I get you out of my mind
And go on with the race.

Interestingly, I’ve had the pleasure to hear many of these songs performed as solo performances by Mudcat Reames and other notable Texas singer/songwriters like Billy Ewing from Milford, Texas. In particular, I’ve heard the evolution of the songs “Appletown”, “Walk With An Angel” and “I’m Not Crazy” from their delivery in this album to the way they are performed today. Whether offered in a highly produced studio setting or on a 12’ x 12’ outdoor stage in Ennis, Texas, these enduring songs are strong enough to hold their own.

Track Listing
1. Buy Now and Pay Later
2. Walk With an Angel**
3. Love Sickness
4. Dot Com
5. Coins and Lace**
6. How Times Have Changed**
7. I’m Not Crazy
8. Democracy
9. Appletown**
10. Window Pain
11. Dreaming
12. Too Late**

**Notable Tracks:

Wayne Folse – Guitar and Lead/Background Vocal
Arthur Folse – Drums and Percussion
Keith Folse – Percussion and African Rain Stick
David Gray – Bass
Michael “The Mudcat” Reames – Lead Vocal, Guitar and Blues Harp

Special Guest: Jannsen Lohmeyer – Keyboard and Synthesized Strings
Produced by Rhonda Lohmeyer, Ryan Panepinto, Reames and Folse
Executive Production: Hurricane Records

Copies of the album can be obtained by emailing Michael Reames (

Further information on Michael Reames can be found at:

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    Thanks for the review, I hope everyone enjoys these songs as you did, this is what makes writing music worthwhile.

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    Hey Mudcat

    I Played Walk With An Angel live on 106.9 The Ranch the other night with a real good Sax player sitting in. Everyone loved it and im thinking of putting that song on my newest upcoming CD if I still have your permission on that. Cool song I do it in the key of A now because that best suits Johnny the Sax man. Hope to see you soon. Thanks

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