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25 Sep 09 Jhankaar to Appear at the Old Pecan Street Festival

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As we stated when we started the Texas Music Journal, Texas music is nexus of many cultures and their music forming a unique fabric of song and style.  In fact, we are proud of the fact that Texas music displays the influence of all of the cultures that have been a part of our history. 

Over the past few years, Texas has also been the the cultural melting pot of new cultures from Asia and the Indian sub-continent as we became the Silicon Valley of the Southwest.  So it is not surprising that the Old Pecan Street Festival in Austin will be highlighting significant musical talent that derives from the cultures that are now part of the family of Texans.  The Old Pecan Street Festival has featured local musicians and artists for 30 years.  Sixth Street (the current name for what was once called Pecan Street) is undoubtedly the heart of a city renowned for its live music. 

One of those groups performing at Noon, September 27th, 2009, on the Performing Arts stage will be Jhankaar.  What is Jhankaar? 

“This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.” And we paint our imagination on this canvas with colours of music. Music is our passion, our way of life…Jhankaar is the expression of this magic; it is for us – a splash of colour, a voyage into harmony and a time of inexplicable joy. The group is comprised of vocalists, tabla artists, keyboardists and guitarists. We bring together music rendered in traditional Indian ragas and beats peppered with instrumental and vocal ensembles influenced by world music.”

In talking with Rajarshi Raj, you can hear the passion that the group feels for their music.  For for information about the group and for a sample of their music, go to their website at

Stop by at 6th and Red River and give the group some Texas-size support.  For further information about Jhankaar or to book the group, you can contact Rajarshi Ray, their lead musician and public relations officer at

For more information about the Old Pecan Street Festival, check out their website at

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