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07 Sep 09 Stories to Watch For This Week From Texas Music Journal

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It’s been a busy summer for Texas music. This weekend was no different for the Texas Music Journal. We began by going Saturday evening to McKinney, where we caught two different acts. The first was a newcomer to north Texas music, Eric Erickson, who was performing at Spoons Restaurant in the downtown square. Then right across the street, in the outdoor courtyard of Landon’s Winery, we listened to the pure vocals of Anna Thomas, a Collin County teenager who has a strong future ahead. In fact, she is leaving this week for a recording session in Memphis. She said everything is happening very quickly. If you hear her sing, you will understand why.

Sunday’s activities will bring forth one of several stories set to appear in the Texas Music Journal this week.  The fourth annual Red Dirt Roundup was held on the Fort Worth Stockyard grounds, outside of Billy Bob’s Texas. As is the tradition, Cross Canadian Ragweed invited enough of their musical friends to fill the day and night with incredible entertainment. We will bring you that story.

We will also tell you about Rally ’round Greenville,  an upcoming festival in Greenville, Texas, not far from Dallas.  This festival will underscore the incredible musical heritage of this north Texas community.

What do Habitat For Humanity, Little Big Town and a Texas dentist have in common?  We will tell you that story, that comes with a happy ending, this week.

Plus, we will review two different CD’s from a Houston-based band called Sugar Bayou. I had not hear of them before. But the next time I am in Houston, I will be sure to see if I can catch them live. We will tell you why you should watch for them, too.

Any other items of interest, we also plan to bring to you this week. Be sure to keep checking TMJ!

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