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17 Feb 10 The Jokers Are a Bit Too Wild

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By Bianca Montes

Fun is a word often used to describe Jokersdeck. Unfortunately, fun is not what I had at their recent CD release party at La Grange in Deep Ellum.

Dallas natives, Jokersdeck rules the group of bands that throw away all they hype. They just have fun making music. Their latest offering, Me Timbers, a seven-song EP, perfectly nails the entertainment art in a memorable light.

Jokersdeck’s music is fast paced. Their audiences is easily engaged with simple tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are best suited for a live performance. With a packed house and people being turned away at the door, I wondered why I was one of the few people not enjoying the music.

Fun definitely has its place in the music industry.  But in my opinion, seven tracks filled with silly lyrics and monotone instrumentation does not equal a good time. While their sound and look might not be what most mainstream labels would jump at, Jokersdeck has still managed to gather quite a fan base in the indie music scene.

“[It is] fun music to listen to any point in time,” said guitarist Steve Shackelford. While most of the band’s line-up at the CD listening party featured lukewarm selections, tracks “What’s my Motivation?” and “Humpty Blues” stood out for opposite reasons.

“What’s my Motivation?” is one of the strongest tracks on the EP. A moderate tempo and almost lethargic vocals start out the selection, leading into a noticeable increase in volume and tempo towards the middle of the song.  It is at this moment that lead vocalist Aaron Slaughter belts out the lyrics that down conventional living and laughs in the face of the American dream. As the saving grace of this EP, this politic satire piece urges to give the band another listen.

While “What’s my Motivation?” is lyrically invoking, “Humpty Blues” offers a solid instrumentation that showcases the often hidden musical talent of the band. This piece, too, could serve as a strong social statement. But the opportunity was lost in overly comical lyrics, “a tall banana and a sausage link, they come prepared with a lovely eulogy.”

Whether you appreciate this type of music or not, this band makes no joke when it comes to turning out a crowd and pulling it with the pure joy and excitement that only true Jokersdeck fans can really enjoy.

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