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28 Jan 10 Old Is New With Reckless Kelly CD

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Very few times in my life have I listened to an album or CD and felt that it was telling a story. But that is exactly what you will hear with Reckless Kelly’s newest release, Somewhere in Time.

The Austin-roots rock band will release the CD at a party on February 11 at the House of Blues in Dallas. Other parties are scheduled throughout the state.

This work answers the question, “What do you get when you take a rocking group of talented artists and give them a collection of songs written and co-written by cowboy song legend Pinto Bennett?”  His words, as well as vocals on two songs, combine with Reckless Kelly’s sound to make a simply incredible recording.

Much as a television news producer takes individual stories to build a newscast, Reckless Kelly has likewise built a story with 14 love songs. They vary from ballads to sweet, cautionary songs about steering wheels, whiskey bottles and learning your manners.

The CD’s first song, “Little Blossom,” is likely the most rock-oriented piece. It is a driving, fast-paced tale of a woman who tried many times, never really found love, but still tries every night. It has a bit of “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” sound to it.  Starting slowly, then hopping into its quick, foreboding beat, it’s a song that is destined to be a Reckless Kelly favorite. It’s likely the quickest five minutes you will ever hear.

Cody Braun said, “While this is Pinto’s material, this is very much a Reckless Kelly record.”  “Little Blossom” is a perfect example.

The country influence in the songs definitely comes through.

“A lot of Texas bands have been pushing country more toward rock,” said drummer Jay Naz. “But to go back to playing real country music turned out to be extremely rewarding for us as a band.”

 “The Ballad of Elano DeLeon” is a good example of a song that transitions the listener from the rockish first song to some of the more country sounding songs that follow. “Ballad” is the type of song that would fit very well into a Squeeze playlist.

Several songs have the country feel, based simply on the instruments. “Bird on a Wire” showcases a fiddle solo that is country classic. Seven songs, in fact, feature a steel guitar. This song is fast paced – a modern updating for Reckless Kelly.

No Texas country CD is complete without good old fashioned honky tonk. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I had good intentions all along.” Those are the opening lines to “I’ve Done Everything I Could Do Wrong.” It’s always fun to hear what bad things can happen from good intentions – in this case, the singer simply stopped off at a bar to visit some good friends. Of course, this was not a wise decision.

The collection is filled with great stories and very smooth melodies. From the upbeat “Idaho Cowboy,” to the title song, “Somewhere in Time,” the tunes entertain.  The Texas two-steppers will certainly dance to the honky tonkish “You Cared Enough to Lie.”  The line, “if you never really loved me, you cared enough to lie” is enough to make most cowboys cry in their beer.

The song I kept coming back to was “Thelma,” a reflective, sad ballad. The story teller relates his tale with two singers – including Pinto – in two different times. It’s the story of a man who keeps the fire burning for his love, even though she’s been gone for years and he is gradually growing old.

Is this Texas music? Absolutely.  For me, the amazing thing about this CD is it feels new. The songs are not just reworked – they are fresh and current. I didn’t feel like I was listening to old songs at all. That is a tribute to both the lasting durability of the lyrics and melodies, combined with the ability of Reckless Kelly to narrate, translate and entertain.

Somewhere in Time is being produced on the Yep Roc label.  Friday night (January 29) fans will get a sneak preview of some of the songs at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth. Singer-songwriter Collin Herring will open. For more information on Reckless Kelly, visit

The great songs have staying power. Reckless Kelly has uncovered some real gems in this new release.  Perhaps the following lyrics make perfect sense, not only for one person to another, but also perhaps for the music lover and these songs:

 Somewhere in time we were lovers.
  Somewhere in time we were friends.
 Somewhere in time let the world overcome us.
 Somewhere in time never ends.

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