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28 Jul 09 Support Your Local Performers

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I have a couple of random thoughts following my music-related activities of the past few days.

First, it is very important that everyone support their local performers. We joined several other friends Saturday night, attending the Quentin Hope Trio’s show at the Cadillac Pizza in McKinney. The place was absolutely packed – and for good reason. The show was absolutely spectacular.  As good as Quentin and his gang are, I am sure that he was spurred on by the number of audience members and their enthusiastic response.  I am a member of a band, and I was jealous. One of my friends who attended also has his own band, and he was thoroughly impressed with the show.  We can all learn from watching others and supporting them.

Second, my band – the Black Prairie Band – is now in the process of practicing for Music Under the Stars, August 14 in Little Elm. We have not played much since Springtime because of a combination of vacations and family illness.  This is one of the hazards of having a band as a second career: your first career keeps getting in the way!  And as most performers know, it does not all come right back to you after an extended break.  We are working hard, seemingly harder than ever, to capture our sound.  But even though it’s a lot of work, it’s also a lot of fun. We don’t do it for the money (obviously). We do it because we feel good and it’s legal!

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