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04 Oct 13 Songwriters Put on Fantastic Show in Dallas

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By Sam Moore “An Evening of Songs & Stories” lived up to its billing last night in Dallas. The event was a fundraiser for Charley Foundation, a nonprofit that raises money to help a variety of other organizations, which in turn help children in a variety of needs. It was named in honor of the father of the founder, Carolyn Miller. Carolyn, who attended University of Texas at Dallas, is now a successful Nashville music publisher. And she brought some of her friends for the show. The lineup consisted of Bridgette Tatum, Danny Myrick, and special guest Matt Caldwell. It also included a last-minute guest: Heather Little. Heather currently lives in Lindale. She is the songwriter who penned “Gunpowder and Lead” with Miranda Lambert. Bridgette and Danny work together a lot. Between the two of them, they have scores of hits, including “She’s Country” and “International Harvester.” And one of the highlights of the evening surrounded their song “Loud.” Big and Rich made the song famous. But Bridgette had also recorded it in 2010 for ACC football games that Cymbalta were televised. And by coincidence, there was another party going on last night in another part of the venue. That party was for a group of ACC alumni. When Bridgette found out who they were abilify and why they were wearing name tags (they brought her one to stick on her guitar strap), she invited them in and sang “Loud” for them. Another high point of the evening was when Bridgette invited Heather Little, her good friend, up to the stage. Everyone could tell what a special relationship generic Paroxetine they have. Bridgette told the audience that Heather was at the top of her list of songwriters she wanted to work with. “Yeah, I thought we were going to write a bunch of songs to kill a bunch of men,” Bridgette jokingly said. But instead, they found themselves going in the opposite direction many times. accutane and drinking Heather performed several songs, including her signature tune. She sounded remarkably like Miranda Lambert. But she brought the house down with a song called “Rent.” “This song,” she said, “is for women who always are thinking about that special moment when their boyfriend gives them that special little box and asks the question.” But in this song, when the girl opens the box, it is an apartment key. And the question is if the girl would like to move in and split the rent! Matt Caldwell was also fantastic. He was a perfect complement to the often rowdy tunes from the others. Born in tiny Nevada, TX, Matt has lived in Nashville for several years. But he still spends much of his time in Texas. He announced

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to the crowd that he has a soon-to-be-released song by Clay Walker, for which he is very excited. The evening had the feel of a Tin Pan South performance. There were songs. There were stories. And there were a lot of happy people leaving by the end of the night.

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