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26 May 09 Anna Thomas – Matt Gaskins at Cafe Bohemia

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Anna Thomas dazzled the audience at Café Bohemia in Plano, Texas on Saturday, May 23rd, with a selection of sultry jazz and lively pop standards and originals.  Her originals highlighted songwriting capabilities that have come a long way in a short time.  Thomas is only 13-years old.

Of her originals, Thomas performed three notable songs, “Little Red” (a very sophisticated take-off on Little Red Riding Hood), “My Circle” (about comfort zones) and “Break Apart” (about confidence even one fails).  In addition to having a grasp of the technical aspects of songwriting, Thomas demonstrated that she is starting to master her singing.  She sang the jazz material with silky tones; the pop and rock standards with light and lively vocals.
Thomas performed alongside Matt Gaskins whose acoustic guitar work was exceptional.  Gaskins’ fingers flew across the strings providing an entertaining counterpoint to Thomas’ vocals.

Gaskins is more than an exceptional guitarist.   In addition to being a multiple instrumentalist, he is the co-owner (with Kelly Thomas) of the Neighborhood Arts and Music School (NAMS) in Frisco, Texas.  The school has an exceptional staff of instructors as well as a state of the art recording studio.  At a recent event at the school, it was noted that Gaskins has an wonderful way with the students that allows them to develop as musicians and allows them to have fun at the same time. 

The patrons of Café Bohemia had a fun time.  Thomas and Gaskins put on a great show.  With Thomas demonstrating the level of songwriting and singing that she has at this point in her musical development, we can be sure that there will be much more to come from this talented artist.  Photos of the event can be found in the Photo area of the Texas Music Journal,

The Café Bohemia provided an excellent backdrop for Thomas and Gaskins. In fact, Café Bohemia plays an active part in the development of young musicians.  Each Friday and Saturday evening, talented musicians take the stage at the Café and entertain the patrons.  On the last Saturday of each month, Café Bohemia hosts an open acoustic jam.  Many of the artists come together to share musical ideas and to learn from each other.  Check out the Café Bohemia at

More information about Anna Thomas can be found on her website,

More information about Matt Gaskins can be found at:

Information about the Neighborhood Arts and Music School (NAMS) can be found at their website:

A more detailed analysis of Anna Thomas’ EP Splash of Red will appear shortly in the Texas Music Journal.

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