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05 Feb 10 Music and Food Return to Cypress

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Pappy and the Blue Ridge Playboys

The Goode Company BBQ Friday Night Concert Series is back, every Friday at Goode Company BBQ on Highway 290 in Cypress, Texas.

This tradition began in 1979 when Goode Company encouraged customers to “come by, eat some Barbecue, drink a cold Lone Star and listen to Pappy play Texas.”  Pappy and the Blue Ridge Playboys are a popular band Goode Company booked regularly  during the earlier days of the Goode Company Friday Night Concert Series.  

From the time Goode Company opened in 1977 until he died, Pappy played the fiddle Friday nights out on the Goode Company patio on Kirby Drive. He required $65 and a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. Times were tough for Goode Company at that time so he never took the cash — but he always drank his bottle.

It’s Texas heroes like Pappy that Goode Company will celebrate. His spirit will inspire a new generation of Texas musicians to make memories in the tradition of a great man and a dear friend, Leon “Pappy” Selph.

Pappy Leon Selph is an integral part of Texas Country Music. He helped create the form and style of this genre through performing and composition. He also organized the band, Pappy and the Blue Ridge Playboys, one of the finest stage and recording bands to ever perform Country Music. Pappy and the Blue Ridge Playboys played Texas in every Dance Hall and Honky Tonk from Ft. Worth to Austin. They went on to play Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry for four years, not to mention Command Performances in Czechoslavakia, Holland, Mexico and Canada. They were also one of the first on early Texas radio and contributed much to Texas music by their broadcast.

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