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22 Apr 16 Gary Morris internet radio interview Feb. 5th 3:00 pm central time

Sunday, February 5 • 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Location: spy phone text or . The voice from Heaven, legendary superstar Gary Morris has had hit songs in Country and Pop, performed on Broa

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dway and acted in television! Gary talks about his career, new album for 2012 and will… Continue reading

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27 May 09 What does it take to write a song?

This is a very interesting question, I believe – especially from my standpoint. Musically, I have a very limited number of tools required to complete the songwriting process. When I started, I did not know how to play an instrument. Now, I own an acoustic guitar, a bass and a keyboard, and I still don’t know how to play them! My singing experience consisted of an outstanding career Continue reading

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27 Jan 09 Why Texas Music?

A common misconception is that Texas music is the familiar red dirt sounds of musicians such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney LaRue or Jason Boland. It is also misclassified as the outlaw sound of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, David Allan Coe, Waylon Jennings or Billy Joe Shaver. The truth is that Texas music is much more complicated than any simple classification scheme can represent. All of these musicians are fine Continue reading

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