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16 Oct 12 Kingwood Kowboy Completes 6,600 Song Lyrics

Kingwood, TX October 8, 2012

Kingwood Kowboy Completes 6,600 Song Lyrics

Larry W Jones, the Kingwood Kowboy, has completed writing his 6,600th set of song lyrics. H

is publicist, Rich Reardin at (Public Radio Exchange) is the Executive Producer of the radio series “In Search of a Song with Jason Wilber”. Mr. Reardin chose to host two one-hour radio programs of… Continue reading

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30 May 09 The Power of Association

Songwriters need support. And songwriters associations exist around the country to help those aspiring songwriters at all levels. Continue reading

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27 May 09 What does it take to write a song?

This is a very interesting question, I believe – especially from my standpoint. Musically, I have a very limited number of tools required to complete the songwriting process. When I started, I did not know how to play an instrument. Now, I own an acoustic guitar, a bass and a keyboard, and I still don’t know how to play them! My singing experience consisted of an outstanding career Continue reading

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