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25 Jan 10 Earl Bailey – Guitarist and Innovative Educator

By John South

Evenings in Plano are generally fairly quiet, not that Plano is the small, sleepy bedroom community it used to be.  But on most evenings, outside one particular house, one can hear the distinctive low frequencies of guitars and the thumping of a drum machine that signal that you have reached the studio of a music teacher. 

This is not the studio of just any teacher… Continue reading

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07 Oct 09 Seasonal Guitar Alert

It’s that time of year where for us in Texas some of the summer heat begins to fade and the humidity begins its roller coaster ride.  When the heater kicks on typically the home gets a little dryer, which can cause playability problems or worse structural issues with guitars and other stringed instruments.  Here are some things to watch for:

Sinking of the top and back of acoustic instruments… Continue reading

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16 Aug 09 Luckenbach Prepares for Shot at Guitar Record

Texas music could hit the record books with attempt next weekend at world’s largest guitar ensemble. Continue reading

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