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30 Jul 09 Performance Opportunity for Christian Musicians

Event Name: University of Dallas Ministry Conference
Event Date(s): October 23-24, 2009
Event Time(s): 9AM to 7 PM

Event Location: The Dallas Convention Center

The University of Dallas is soliciting applications from performers, either as individuals or in bands, to provide Christian music in 30-min time slots throughout the two-day conference, the musical climax of which will be a concert with John Michael Talbot on Friday evening.  Given… Continue reading

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21 Jul 09 Join the “Bzz” in Christian Radio

Join the Bzz in Christian Radio

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new sound on the horizon. KBZZ radio ( is a new Internet-based Christian radio station in Quinlan, TX that is scheduled to begin broadcasting April 21, 2009. Owned and founded by John Porter, KBZZ will initially be broadcasting streaming-feed music and interviews and, soon afterwards, live features of all kinds.

John has repeatedly seen… Continue reading

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16 Jun 09 You too can be a Christian music writer

Some wonder whether or not they have what it takes to be a Christian music writer. What does it take to craft a Christian song? What inspires Christian writers? The answers vary, but the themes are the same: faith, surrender, life, commission and Grace.

Faith is the mortar that holds all Christians united. Each of us is a building block for the foundation of the Kingdom of God on… Continue reading

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02 Jun 09 Christian music. What's that?

Did you ever wonder what Christian music most Christians actually listen to? Over the years, I have conducted brief (very non-scientific) surveys of some Christian friends to ask that very question. Here’s what I found out.

Among other things, Christian music is music about Christ, His teachings, or Christian living, and Christians, of course, profess a belief in Christ. So, you might expect that Christians listen to “Christian music”… Continue reading

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