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10 Dec 08 About

Texas Music Journal explores the history, development, and current state of Texas music and brings together experts in many of the genres of Texas music: Blues, Christian and Gospel, Classical, Country, Jazz, Native American, Opera, Pop Rock, Rap and Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Rockabilly, Tejano, and Zydeco.  In addition to exploring current artists and their own music, our experts explore the history of their musical genres. We invite the participation of artists, fans, and music professionals to understand what influences these artists, and how their styles are evolving.  Each contributor is encouraged to draw upon the history of their genre in Texas, so that today’s musicians and fans can have a better understanding of their musical roots.

Texas Music Journal also encompasses the professional side of music, songwriting, instruments, publishing, production, and event management.  Our experts work with songwriters and other music professionals to explore new avenues for enhancing their craft.

By participating in the Texas Music Journal project, our experts, musicians, fans, and professionals are continuing to develop the musical history of Texas.

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